About T-Tool

T-Tool company is rooted in Detroit manufacturing know-how.  With over 35 years of machining and stamping tooling experience we are prepared and eager to serve new innovations in manufacturing methods without giving away our past.  Our team consists of seasoned veterans with 30 years of knowledge, mixed with a younger contingent of aggressive and technologically driven men and women.

Our customers have given us the unique opportunity to put our knowledge and skills to use in a diverse mix of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense and food service.   We continue to look for new ways to deploy our resources in these and other fields.

T-Tool company has forged long standing relationships with local small businesses that allow us to offer a wide range of complimentary services all through one source.  Collectively we see the value of how small business working together can do more than on our own.  We seek to preserve manufacturing in the Detroit area and are excited to put to work our capabilities for our customers.

Let’s do something together!